Title magic by the lake

Author: edward eager

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Magic by the Lake
Magic by the Lake

Setting: Describe the place where the story happened. this all takes place at the lake

Characters: Who were the main characters? Write their names and a brief description of each one. katarine,mark,martha

Problem/Conflict: Describe the problem in the story. that they are trying to get the old turtle before the piraties do.

  • Main Events: Use bullets to list the main events here. the come to the place
  • Then the kids go to the lake
  • Then the kids find the talking turtle
  • Then the kids wish
  • Then the kids are in the antic artica
  • Then the kids get home
  • Then the kids get in a book
  • The kids almost mess it up
  • Then the kids get home
  • Then the kids really go home


Recommendation (Did you like the book? Who would you recommend it to?): Record in Audacity and post the MP3 here.