Birmingham Public Schools' Science Olympiad
~April 14, 2012

Map from Greenfield to West Maple

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Science Olympiad events are based on the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations
(GLCE's) which can be found here:
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Students will construct a clay boat from a wad of clay with a total mass of 30 grams. Students will then float their clay boat in a tub of water, adding objects (ie marbles, cubes, and/or coins) one at a time until the boat sinks.
Sink or Float at Brain POP Jr
Weather orNot
This competition will test the students’ knowledge of meteorological terms, techniques, and events.
Weather Wiz Kids
The Weather Channel Kids
Weather Quizlet
Each pair of students will make a device of straws and masking tape, supplied on-site by the event supervisor, to hold a large, raw egg. The device containing the egg will be dropped from a fixed height to the taget.
one possibility
Five physical skills are interspersed with science questions in an obstacle course that will be run in a relay race style where each student passes an object to the next student.
2012 subject areas include land & water, insects, weather, sun/moon/earth, and biomes
Land & Water Quizlet
Sun, Moon & Stars lesson
Science Kids
Orkin Learning Center
Wildlife Safari
Students will demonstrate their understanding of basic ecological concepts such as food chains, food webs, components of habitat and the impact of modern technology on our environment. They will also demonstrate their ability to identify various plants, insects, birds, mammals, etc. through the use of reference materials such as field guides.
Food Chain Game
Habitat Information
Pebble Go
Food Web Quizlet
Habitat Quizlet
Chopper Challenge
Contestants will build and test three choppers (rotary flying devices) using only the materials provided at the competition: a ruler/straightedge, scissors and other materials.
Roto Copter
Crime Busters
Participants use tests to identify unknown powders, match fingerprints and use paper chromatography to identify a note found at a crime scene. Notes are NOT allowed!
Paper Chromotography
Basic Principles of Fingerprinting
Fingerprint Types
Additional FIngerprint Types
Circuit Wizardry
This event will challenge the student’s knowledge of direct current (DC) circuits using low voltage batteries. Wall socket (AC) current will not be used!
Current Electricty
Circuit Symbols
Electric Circuits
Water Rockets
Students will build a rocket out of a two-liter plastic soda bottle (prior to the competition). Alterations should be made to the rocket to help it stay aloft. The gliding rocket that stays in the air for the longest duration wins. NO PARACHUTES ALLOWED this year!
NASA Water Rocket Site
Science Jeopardy
Contestants choose a category and a level of difficulty from the game board and view and listen to an answer to a question. The first team to respond with an appropriate question for the answer will be awarded the specified number of points and will choose the next topic and level.

TennisBall Catapult
Students will build and calibrate their own free-standing (not hand held) projectory device that must be capable of “lobbing” a tennis ball at a target placed between two and four meters away.
Mystery Arch-itecture
This event is designed to test the students’ ability to think on their feet. They will be given a bag of materials to build a freestanding tower as high as they can. The tower should be constructed to support a tennis ball at its top.
Overview of Architectural Terms
Base Shapes